Marathon Training – Week 5. Big Decision Time!

I have to be honest with myself and admit that my running is not going to plan. With the poor weather I have found that it has a serious detrimental effect on me when I go running. This past week has been difficult and disappointing, including a sad event that totally upset Sue and I. At the end of week a big decision had to be made.

Monday = Rest Day. No running today. Following yesterdays (Sunday) failure to go out in the ice and snow I was still feeling negative and my mood was definitely on a downward turn. Decided to make the most of not going out for a run. A short workout with the weights at home and this was sufficient.

Tuesday = Easy Run for 4 Miles. No running again. Just do not feel up for it. Enthusiasm has gone and still lacking confidence to go out in the cold. Therefore I wrote a blog piece having a moan about my situation (see Marathon Training – Week 4).

Wednesday = Active Rest Day. Became fed up with my attitude so I went for a run. Decided it was make or break. The weather had improved. It was a warmer temperature, little wind, and the ice and snow had melted. My decision was to go out without any plan for distance or pace – just run for a set time limit (up to 1 hour). As always it was a struggle to get going but once I warmed up found it to be enjoyable. Distance = 5.05miles. Pace = 8:51miles/min. Although there had been no running for a few days my feelings were upbeat and I was happy with the result. Attended Core Session in the evening. This was a good workout and worked up a sweat. Enjoyed the session. Does this mean my enthusiasm is returning?

RIP Sweeny. 07.02.2019
Sweeny. We miss him.

Thursday = Interval Session. No running today. A little workout at home with weights but due to unforeseen reasons unable to get out for a run. Today has been awful. Our adorable pet cat, Sweeny, has been very sick during the past couple of weeks. He has got a viral infection and has not improved in health. He has not been eating and has lost a lot of weight. Today I took him to the vet in the morning but despite being given a drip feed there was no improvement. Advice was he was not going to get better. After much thought and consultation with the vet Sue and I agreed that it would be kinder to have him put to sleep. This was heart breaking and both Sue and I were incredibly upset. Sweeny was put to sleep and we brought him home wrapped up in his old blanket. He is now laid to rest in the garden next to our other old pet cat. We miss him dearly.

Friday = Rest Day. No running. Weather absolutely miserable (raining and very windy). Laid Sweeny to rest in the garden in the pouring rain. To be honest, today has been dreadful.

Saturday = Easy Run 3 miles + Co Lead the BEGINNERS GROUP + CROSS COUNTRY RUN – CAMPBELL PARK. Today was gong to be a busy day. Disaster – Sue and I ran a mile warm up prior to the parkrun without any serious issues. We then started running the parkrun but Sue’s hip started playing up and my head was all over the place. I felt very unsteady on my feet. We managed a mile but some of this was walking. We agreed to abort the parkrun. Walked back to the car with some difficulty and agreed to come straight home. We offered our apologies to the Beginners Group (Annette) and came home. Both of us feeling disappointed and fed up. Distance = 2 miles. Pace = 13mins/mile. Today has been a big failure. Could things get any worse.

Sunday = Run 13 miles at steady pace. OLYMPIC PARK HALF MARATHON. I had previously registered to take part in the Olympic Park Half Marathon in London but following recent events I decided I could not do it. Following yesterdays debacle I decided not to run the half marathon. The weather was cold, windy, and wet and I knew that I just could not manage the distance following my recent history. Apologies were offered to friends along with good luck and best wishes for their running. Sue and I decided to go out for an easy one hour just to move the legs and get fresh air. It was raining a little and cold but we wrapped up and went for it. We achieved a 5.3 miles distance in the planned one hour. NO PRESSURE – just take it easy. Distance = 5.3miles. Pace = 11:28mins/mile.

All in all this week has not been good. I have to be sensible and realistic. For the past two weeks I have struggled on most of the runs for one reason or another. I am not achieving the running distance that is expected with my training plan. During the next few weeks leading up to the marathon there is to be a lot of training runs, but, the weather is not likely to be in our favour. It is BIG DECISION TIME.

Do I run the Milton Keynes Marathon in May knowing that it is unlikely that I will be ready? Obviously the answer is NO. Therefore I am not running the marathon. I will run the half marathon as 13 miles is more achievable than 26 miles. I am disappointed but I have to be realistic. A marathon run can wait. There will be plenty of other opportunities.

Race the Train, East Lancashire Railway, June 2019
Race the Train 2018

Race the Train. Meanwhile I have consoled myself by registering a place in the Race the Train run in June. It is a ten mile run across country alongside a steam railway. Absolute joy. I ran this last year with Kerry and Chris and thoroughly enjoyed the event. Bring it on!

6 thoughts on “Marathon Training – Week 5. Big Decision Time!

  1. So sad about Sweeney and your training not going to plan but you made 2 wise decisions. Time will heal and mojo will return for another day for you both.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Richard. Had a similar mood last year running in the winter, although circumstances were different. Just hoping for some decent weather so I can get out without any problems. Spring is on its way so the future is now looking bright.


    1. Thanks Warren. Look forward to catching up with you very soon. Trying to be up beat and positive. No marathon to stress about now so hopefully can enjoy going for a run.


  2. What a sad week, but well done you for having the strength to make those decisions. There will be other Marathons and that Race the Train looks fab. Hopefully this won’t be the end of your blogs though as I really enjoy reading them.


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