Marathon Training – Week Four. Where’s My Enthusiasm Gone?

This is not going to be an upbeat or positive account of what has been going on. I will start by stating I am struggling to get out running. I hurts me to say that I am losing my love for running. The past few days have been a struggle to get some enthusiasm and go out. The weather has not been in our favour with the wintry conditions – cold temperatures, snow, ice, and wind – and this plays havoc with me when running.

I will try to explain later in this blog but I have found that following my accident and head injury when running in the cold and windy conditions I am struggling. I must accept that there will be times when the training plan is not going to be followed. There is a need for me to adapt and change the plan depending on the situation and circumstances.

Monday – Rest Day. No running today. After yesterday’s effort need time to rest and recover. I ran 10 miles with the club and ended up feeling light headed and unsteady and needed support from others. Today is about taking it easy therefore it was to be a few chores around the house and write some blog.

Tuesday – Easy Run – Run 6.1km (4 miles). I am disappointed. Not felt the mood for a run today. It is cold out there and there is a breeze blowing which makes it feel colder than it is. Have I lost my enthusiasm for running following the weekend? Where has my confidence gone?

Wednesday – Active Rest Day.Today is sunny but cold. Decided to run for 4 miles. Ended doing 6 miles as I felt good and happy. Very pleasant run. Admittedly my legs felt stiff at first but after the first mile they soon loosened and warmed up. Took it nice and easy with no pressure for time. There was no wind and it was good to see the sunshine. Distance = 6.1 miles. Pace = 9:26mins/miles. I did not attend the Core Session in the evening due to having to collect our cat from the vets (he has not been well during the past two weeks).

Thursday – Intervals. I know the plan said intervals and I sort of did this. Went out with Sue and covered just over 4 miles. There were some inclines to contend with (hill intervals?). It was cold and with a strong breeze. This messed with my head and had an effect with my running. It was a real struggle at times to keep going. Distance = 4.1 miles. Pace = 11:40mins/mile. This was followed with a PT session with Clean Coach Katie. It felt like a good workout with focus on upper body strength and balance. Bonus of working out in a gym – it is warm and there is no wind.

Friday – Rest Day. It snowed overnight. The ground is white, slippery, and wet. Decided not to run as it is not worth the risk. Ended up walking to the doctors surgery for an appointment and found the walk quite enjoyable although it was very cold. Distance = 2.6 miles. Pace = 22mins/mile.

Saturday – Easy 3.1 miles. No parkrun today – cancelled due to ice and snow. Went for a run with Sue to test the paths and found it very difficult in places. Ice and snow do not make good running conditions. The cold air also made my head feel fuzzy. I am beginning to see a pattern – if it is cold and/or windy I struggle to run as it effects my head. I am becoming fearful that I will fall over and bang my head again. This would not be good. It is clearly influencing my confidence. Distance = 2.5 miles. Pace = 13:46mins/mile.

This was followed by the Beginners Session. We ran around the cricket pitch at Campbell Park. This was not easy in the snow, but it provided more grip than running on the paths which were icy. There was a lot of stopping and starting on my part as I was time keeping the intervals and shouting to everyone “run” and “walk”. Distance = 2.5 miles. Pace = 20mins/mile.

Sunday – Long Steady Distance Run, 13 miles. No running. It is cold and breezy and still icy in places. I have lost my confidence to run when the weather is not good. I am fed up running in the cold and wind to feel light headed and unsteady. The best way I can describe it is like running when drunk. Your vision goes blurred, it is difficult to move in a straight line, and your balance is messed up. It is extremely difficult to run when feeling this way. This happens only when running in the cold and wind. Thankfully I do not experience this at any other times. It is strange but it clearly has a negative effect on me. My confidence is disappearing. Overall, I am not feeling happy with the situation. On top of this I have a half marathon to run this coming weekend.

Conclusion – BE POSITIVE. Look to the future and the summertime with the lovely warm sunny days……………………

3 thoughts on “Marathon Training – Week Four. Where’s My Enthusiasm Gone?

  1. Stick at it Steve, only a few months ago you couldn’t walk without a stick, you are making massive improvements and I am sure the problem with the wind and cold will pass eventually


  2. you are not the only one to feel like that at this time of year as I feel like that a lot too especially last week with the cold, ice and snow. Chins up lets hope for warmer weather soon Lots of Love Warren and Sam

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  3. I also struggle running in the cold it takes my breath away. On Monday I was imagining running in the sunshine instead of the cold. Keep smiling as you’re doing amazing. Xx

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